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Bajaj Capital Insurance Broking Limited (“BCIBL”) a company incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956, was granted the licence (Licence No. 241, Licence Code CB042/02) to act as an Insurance Broker by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (“IRDA”) in the year 2004 and is in the business of insurance broking since then and has served over six lakh clients. bajajcapitalinsurance.com is owned and operated by Bajaj Capital Insurance Broking Limited and it is one of India's most prominent insurance comparison, transaction and service portal.

We offer a wide range of insurance products comprising both life and general insurance. You get free insurance quotes, you can compare plans based on their features and also make purchases online (as available from time to time).

bajajcapitalinsurance.com helps you in comparing different plans by providing their quotes from insurance companies, list of hospitals covered and key benefits side by side. You can compare health insurance or mediclaim plans, car insurance and two wheeler insurance as well.



Mr. Sanjiv Bajaj

(Joint Chairman & Managing Director)

Mr. Venkatesh Naidu

  • The Group has always looked upon every investor as a valued individual, who offer great opportunity to build a lasting relationship. The Group has always kept a close tab on the emerging possibilities, and is always on the lookout for offering better value, higher security and greater satisfaction to its clients.
  • Our client’s are not just a phone or identification number for us. We share a much deeper commitment with them. In fact, in numerous cases, three generations of a family are associated with the Group.

You can select your ideal insurance plan from a number of suitable options on a single client-oriented platform.
Our belief lies in ensuring maximum level of client satisfaction by providing them with correct information about every insurance product combined with emphasis on specialised advisory on any type of insurance solutions throughout leading to higher financial security.
We show updated quotes, making it easier and simpler for you to choose the perfect insurance plan.
BCIBL is part of the Bajaj Capital Group (“Group”), with Bajaj Capital Limited (“BCL”) being the flagship company within the Group and is one of the renowned business house, in operation for over six decades.
The Group has varied business interest like financial planning, investment advisory, distribution of financial products like mutual funds, fixed income products, depository participant operations, NPS distribution, insurance, stock broking, advisory on real estate products etc.

BCL was incorporated under the provisions of the Indian Companies Act 1956 and is engaged inter-alia in the business of Merchant Banking, Resource Mobilisation, and Distribution of Financial Products etc. BCL was promoted in the year 1965 by Mr. K.K. Bajaj, Chairman Bajaj Capital, with an objective to provide professional guidance to investors on “where, when and how to invest”, and to assist the corporate sector in its resource-raising activities. BCL was the first to set up its Investment Centres® all over India for this purpose. Today, BCL has over 120 Investment Centre spread across over 70 cities with over INR 20,000 crores of annual mobilisation, making BCL one of the largest resource mobilisers in India. BCL has over 1,000 Top corporate and institutional clients, for which it raises resources every year. Over the last 60 years in business, BCL has served over 10,00,000 clients.

Another area that the Group has pioneered in is “investor education”. Through its monthly magazine/publication, “Investors India” and a series of other publications like Tax Planning Guide, Financial Planning Guide, Money Multiplying News etc., which are highly respected in the field, the investor population at large are offered value added financial information, encouraging them, empowering them to make judicious and informed investment decisions. Together with that, we have a tradition of guiding after balancing of investment goals, risk tolerance and time horizon has created the unique structure of need-based selling, which ultimately helps the Client reach his/her financial goal(s). In other words, the Group’s motto is ‘Empowering investors to attain their financial goals through proper Financial Planning.’

In the world of finance, it’s the prepared mind that clinches the opportunity, a three-sixty degree awareness, so to speak. The Group’s resource of human expertise is comparable with the best in the industry. Belonging to different states of India and strategically placed at various centers to ensure perfect communication in local languages. We understand the investors’ needs, desire, culture, financial resources, risk-taking capacity, investment habits, and suggest the appropriate investment mix through our financial planning approach. Truly, the Group speaks all languages as its people are from all walks of life and spread over the entire country.



Superior Insurance Assistance

Guidance from broker qualified persons for appropriate product selection. We are there whenever you need us


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We are committed to get you the right product by understanding your requirements better


Hassle-free claim settlement

We've worked hard to make paperwork hassle free and assure to assist you in the negotiation of claims

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